K Squared Estate and Moving Sales
  1. Professional Staff
    Our staff is made up mostly of retired executives from all walks of life that have a love for antiques or vintage items. A version of the "Golden Rule" is applicable in their selection...If we would not invite them into our home...I certainly would not invite them into yours!
  2. Appraising / Pricing
    My staff and I apply our professional experience when assigning value to your assets. We also use computerized programs at our disposal. I also have experts in every field that I can reach out to when necessary. Our goal in this step is to assign "Fair Market Value"!!!
  3. Advertising
    The most valuable resource we use to advertise your sale is EstateSales.Net. This site has thousands of visitors each week. We do advertise in local daily papers and community based publications. Professional signage is posted day of sale to attract those from the surrounding communities to your sale.
  4. PHOTO'S
    As part of the EstateSales.net posting, we publish photos of a large portion of your antiques, collectables, and household goods. Experience has taught us that is the most important tool at our disposal to draw buyers to your sale. A picture is worth a thousand words!
  5. Setting the Sale / Staging
    Displaying your items properly is vital to your sale. The industry calls this "Setting the Sale" or Staging. An experienced staff is critical in this facet of your sale. Proper lighting, tables with clean table clothes, display cases and music "to set the mood" are a few of the tools we use to provide the perfect environment.
  6. What's Next?
    It is always our intension to sell everything in our sales! But in reality, some items may not be sold. K Squared does offer a total clean-out service for an additional fee. We also provide a list of organizations that our customers can contact after the sale to remove remaining items.