K Squared Estate and Moving Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What do I have to do before the sale?
    The most important activity for you before the sale is to identify items you want to sell. Oftentimes, it is easier for you to point out the items you don't want to sell. K Squared will take care of the rest.
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    Can I be present for the sale?
    Through experience we have learned that only on rare occasions is it beneficial for the client to be present at the sale. This can be a very emotional time...its better for you to let us do our job...sale your valuables at the highest possible price. We will do a walk through with you before the sale to get your input!
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    How much does your service cost?
    K Squared usually charges between 30% and 35% commission for our services. The exact percentage will be determined during your initial consultation. This fee does cover all aspects of your sale...excluding trash removal and disposition of items left after the sale.
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    How long will this process take?
    Typically staging takes two to three days and the sale is conducted in three days. K Squared can be flexible with this schedule if your specific needs are different. Note: Please remember K Squared only conducts one sale per week. This is to insure that the owner is present during the whole process.
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    Why should I choose K Squared to conduct my Estate, Moving, or Downsizing Sale?
    We have a passion for helping people and a love for the estate sale business. Holding one sale a week allows us to give you and your sale our undivided attention. This means when it comes to staging your sale, assigning value to your assets and maximizing their selling price...the owners will be personally involved!!!
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